The 7th Edition of the Buggyland will take place 2, 3 and 4 October.

Over 250 entries will enjoy one of the top races in the world.

You know it… You have to be very crazy to come to Buggyland!

Any queries related to the Buggyland race can be addressed to info@buggyland.es

Buggyland will count for the European ranking of drivers Master Of Europe.

Buggyland adapts the IFMAR rules to 1/8 TT racing, with some points to bear in mind.

Due to responsibility and safety reasons, it is expected all racers will respect the following rules, as dictated by the race organisers.
Ignoring this ruleset is not considered a valid excuse and the infringement of any rule could lead to penalties and/or disqualification of the event.
We asked everyone to be respectful with our environment, to the race organisers, other racers and the facilities. Any damage caused by any individual will be considered a violation of the Terms and Conditions of Admittance, and will lead to an immediate expulsion from the event.

Buggyland specific rules

a) Always cooperate with the race direction.
b) Be aware of the surrounding risks and hazards and avoid placing yourself in a dangerous situation.
c) Smoking or consumption of drugs is forbidden in the Buggyland facilities.
d) Use the provided bins to dump any rubbish.
e) Bring your own pit mat/towel.
f) A maximum of two mechanics per driver is allowed in the pit lane.
g) Not showing up on the first day of the event (Friday), could lead to other racers in the wait list to be included in the racers list, and your subscription to be dismissed after one warning.
h) Claims: any claims are to be addressed directly to the race director, once the subscription fee of 50 € is paid. Final results may be challenged up to 10 minutes after the race in question is finished.
i) Should you have any problems, please contact the race organisation.
j) All race direction decisions are considered definitive and irrevocable.
k) The race organisation has the rigth to modify any rules during the event, under special circumstances.
l) The right of admission to the event facilities is reserved.
m) All people attending the event is aware of the risks inherent to the activities developed within the event facilities, and the organisation is exempt of any responsibility.

Sign up, refunds

The organisation will not be responsible of any bookings or travel fees refunds, derived from the cancellation of the event.
All registration fees will be paid by PayPal. This is to ensure a good management of the large number of registrations.
Any entry exchanges between racers shall be notified to the race organisation 15 days before the event, along with the details of the new racer.
The organisation reservers the right to accept/reject any racer registrations.


Registration fees will not be refunded in case of cancellation of the event.

Specific Buggyland race rules


a) Mains 20 mins / 15 drivers, first four bump up.
b) Tech checks will be done on the cars of the first four places of every main + 1 extra car.
c) A Main 12 + 3 drivers (LCF)


a) Mains 8 mins / 15 drivers
b) Tech checks on mains (battery and box)